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A captive is an insurance company established to insure the specialized risks of a business. It issues policies, collects premiums and pays claims. A captive can be owned by one or more business owners and can be a very effective tool for managing risk in a tax-efficient way. Businesses typically have a number of risks that fall outside of the underwriting guidelines of traditional insurance and these specialized risks may be insured through utilizing a captive structure to finance potential losses in a formal structure.

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Many Businesses are exposed to a number of risks that fall outside of the scope of traditional insurance. Failure to address these risks can lead to catastrophic outcomes. Each business must deal with it’s own unique risks. Some examples of these risks may include deductibles, limitations of existing insurance policies, credit default, litigation defense, construction defects, disability, loss of key customers and suppliers, and so forth. The purpose of a captive insurance company is to create policies to insure against these risks that are not covered through traditional insurance. A captive allows a business owner to have greater control in managing risk, controlling premiums and paying claims.

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